About Fission Volleyball Club


At Fission Volleyball Club, we expect excellence in everything that we do. And so should you.

Expect Excellence in  OWNERSHIP

Fiscal Responsibility

Once you’ve invested in Fission, Fission invests in you. Proper stewardship of funds means prioritizing the viability & value of the Club to the players & parents, not just the owners.

Operational Efficiency

Our staff is ruthlessly attentive to every detail & fully committed to effective communication. We make it easy on the parents & players alike, providing seamless scheduling & in-depth information.

Actual Credibility

Oh, & it’s not just talk. Our owners have a proven history of starting, running, & succeeding in a variety of business enterprises. These principles are put into action every day, inside & outside of Fission.

Expect Excellence in  COACHING

Competent & Committed

Becoming the best player you can be starts with being taught, coached, & mentored by coaches that truly care. We pay our coaches more because we expect more. Invest in expertise.

Practice & Playing

Better training, better tournaments. Get the most out of your club volleyball experience with the best facilities & equipment to prepare, followed by the best schedule & tournaments to play.

Access & Opportunities

By partnering with Hudl, SportsPress, & all of the local schools, we maximize & emphasize player exposure. So if you want to play volleyball at the next level, look no further than Fission.

Expect Excellence in  EFFORT

Train to Win

Winning isn’t easy, so that means preparation won’t be either. We only want people that want to win, & we will do whatever it takes to help them get there. You bring the effort, & we will bring the improvement.

Play to Win

We train with intensity so that we can play with intensity. South Georgia has a reputation for widespread athletic talent & winning traditions, & we are bringing that ethos to volleyball.

Win to Win

Why focus on winning? Why does winning matter? Because at Fission, we believe that winning on the court translates to winning off the court: in the classroom, in the home, & in all of life.

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At the atomic level of who we are at Fission Volleyball Club, we believe that intensely focused input leads to a chain reaction of impact.


Why Winning Happens

Explosive Energy

Explosive energy is the spark that ignites the fire of victory on the volleyball court. Without it, every rep, practice, pass, jump, & spike is doomed to fall short of its mark. Therefore, we always start with the energy, then hone it into precise focus.

Explosive Effort

Explosive effort is the fire that burns brighter with each passing point. It’s the determination to keep working, the grit to continue fighting even when the odds seem insurmountable, & the willingness to give everything to the cause.

Explosive Execution

Explosive execution is the tactical missile that comes after the hours, days, weeks, months, & years of focused training. It’s where the hard work pays off, allowing players to instinctively deploy precise & powerful skills & tactics.


Why Winning Matters

Impact Culture

Culture is the cumulative effect of a shared vision, shared values, & shared veracity. This unification creates a community that cares deeply not only about the results of these collective efforts, but all of the people sharing the experiences with you.


Confidence comes from evidence. Setting goals, working hard, & then achieving those goals proves that the world around them can be shaped, if they truly set their minds to it. Approaching life with a sense of agency & self-assurance has compounding effects.

Impact Character

Character building is the ultimate aim of Fission. Winning is the on-court objective, but it is the means to an end: help raise young girls into young women that will be positive influences on themselves, their families, & their communities.

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