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Be surrounded by the tools and people that make young girls become the best players and people that they can be. With coaches that help push you beyond your limits, while encouraging you to be the best player you can be. It is demanding, but rewarding while also being intense but enjoyable. We train with the best equipment, at the best facilities, and get to play in the best tournaments.

The Best Coaches

The Best Facilities

The Best Equipment


In-Season Practices

We focus on the athlete as a whole. From specified weight lifting that develops the entire athlete to even skill development, we will work on every aspect of the player.

Off-Season Practices

We will have a variety of options during the off-season. We will hold trainings, development programs, private lessons, workouts, and more.


Volleyball Camps in Valdosta, GA

We plan on having a variety of camps that range from specific skill development to even more advanced training. We like having a ratio of 7-10 girls to one coach so it is more one-on-one time and fewer drills without explanation. Girls need to be poured into fundamentally and that is what our camps strive to do.

Volleyball Skills Training in Valdosta, GA

Trainings can range from developmental camps to specialized skills training to even smaller more advanced group settings. Trainings are a great way to better the athlete as a whole while pushing them to reach their full potential.


Private Volleyball Lessons in Valdosta, GA

Private lessons can be a great asset for any player from any range of skills. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the game of volleyball, to even a senior in high school, privates can be for you! We want to develop specific skills the player wants to work on, develop the player as a whole, & help gauge where times best spent. This can be with Coach Jake & or Coach Rachel and you can come alone or with a friend. Cost depends on how many coaches, players, & time frame.

Group Volleyball Lessons in Valdosta, GA

If private lessons are not your thing, then group lessons are for you! You can do a lesson with your friends, or teammates or even ask one of the coaches for a lesson with people with a similar skill set. This can be with Coach Jake & or Coach Rachel and you can come alone or with a friend. Cost depends on how many coaches, players, & time frame.

Coaches Available for Lessons

You can directly contact any of the coaches below to inquire about private or small group lessons, or you can contact Fission Management and we will place you with the best coach for your unique needs.

rachel dawkins fission volleyball club

Rachel Dawkins

Head CoachAdministrator
Former Player, Current Coach, & Administrator of Fission Volleyball Club
Current Team
[email protected]
jake parker fission volleyball club

Jake Parker

Head CoachPresident
Business Owner, Club Owner, & President of Fission Volleyball Club
Current Team
[email protected]

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