Club Volleyball gives athletes the opportunity to play year round & further their volleyball career. Unlike school teams athletes are specifically put onto teams according to their age.
Talented coaches. Extensive practice. Purposeful friendships. Wide-ranging competition. College exposure.
For local/regional teams, practices will start in January & end in April/May & for elite teams, practices start in December & end in June/July.
School teams are based on grade level: & 8th grade team or the JV team is still based on what grade the players are in.  Club teams, being independent of school, uses the age of the players & dependent on DOB.

Yes, prior to tryouts, all players should have an SRVA/USAV membership & an AAU membership. The SRVA/USAV has a “tryout” option but you will need the full season membership if you decide to play. You must have these in order to tryout. SRVA/USAV is Srva.org & AAU can be found at aauvolleyball.org

Our tryouts will be on July 17th. 13 & under are from 1-3pm, 14 & 15 are from 3:30-5:30pm & 16-18 are from 6-8pm.
Online at fissionvolleyball.com under the SHOP tab. It will be coming shortly around April/May.
VSU Campus Recreation Center.

Address: 1300 sustella avenue Valdosta, GA, 31698

Yes. Their first one is on July 17th, time TBD & we will have a couple of more throughout the summer to complete rosters.
SRVA (Southern Region Volleyball Association. srva.org
Yes. We do a fundraiser & give a sponsorship form with levels for local business to sponsor if they would like or donate only.


Attached is the sponsorship form to give to businesses. Please make sure it has your daughters name & team on it.Fission Sponsorship Form ’23 (1)

At the bigger tournaments that you cannot walk to, yes. For local tournaments, typically no.

If it is at a venue like a convention center or volleyball facility (A5), they typically charge for parking. JJVA & Game Point do not.

For local, you will have 1-2 Sunday group practices a month & 1 a week. Regional has all group Sundays & one extra a week & elite has between all group Sundays & 3-4 practices a week.


There are no Sunday group practices if Jake/Rachel are away at a tournament.

Yes. We will typically do 2 launches from 2 different sources that has a nicer option & a more affordable option either after commitment night or before tournaments start.
Yes. We will typically do 2 launches from 2 different sources that has a nicer option & a more affordable option either after commitment night or before tournaments start.
Yes! We would love to have your daughter & a parent present for them to meet everyone, have a parent meeting, a player meeting, jersey reveal & sign player contracts.
Please watch this videos that shows you a step by step.https://youtube.com/shorts/9rLo57UbR_8?si=Qs54WU6TU8vQSwIl

You will need to “Register Now”

Then go to your email address

Then click the “Welcome” email

Click “set password”

Set your password & sign into your account

Each level is different, but we will be releasing this years cost per level prior to tryouts.
Rachel or the team mom will send the booking link per stay & play tournaments. If it is not a stay & play tournament, you can stay wherever you want & or the team can decide.
Stay-to-Play means that in order to participate in the tournament or event, teams & athletes must stay in one of the official hotels set up in the official tournament housing block. All reservations must be made through the designated reservation portal & must appear on the official rooming list & final compliance report. Stay-to-Play means that all teams that are attending a specific event are required to stay in a partner hotel.
If your daughter is on a team that has a tournament that requires it, yes. All parents/players must stay in the required housing in order for your daughters team to be “accepted” into a tournament. Without housing, there is a chance you can be waitlisted or denied into the tournament.
They charge either a $9 or $23 booking fee to confirm the reservation per each housing company & that is per their policies.
There will be no replacement tournament & no refund will be given. You are given the tournament schedule months in advance to plan accordingly. If we know prior to commitment night about a potential issue, we can discuss & see alternatives.
Local = 0. Regional = 1-2 & elite = 2-3.
If you are staying in a. Downtown, more than likely. Each hotel will let you know prior to booking.
Yes. Each USAV tournament typically has a code for each team once the ticket link drops & the team mom/dad or Rachel will send that out for people to buy their tickets online prior to the event. You cannot usually pay at the door, it must be done beforehand via the Team Code. For local tournaments, it is whatever that host decides on but you can typically pay at the door.
Local club tournaments occur on Saturdays or Sundays & usually are all day events. Your coach will likely ask you to show up at the tournament site between7-8am for morning wave & 12-1pm for afternoon wave, & the tournament won’t end until some time between 2-3pm for the morning wave & 7-9pm for the afternoon wave.

Multi-day tournaments are typically 2-3 days in length & often occur over long weekends. Their schedules vary greatly depending on the tournament format but since these are often overnight tournaments (involving hotel stays) & the wave times are not announced un til the week of the tournament so plan to get there the night before regardless.

Yes. All team, all the time.
Elite will typically always be in the open division which is the highest division. Regional will go between Club, American & USAV depending on what the tournament(s) offer but we will keep them in the 3rd-5th division tier. Local will be in the bottom tier since they have the least amount of practices.
For elite, they will go. Regional can add on but need to know by February for registration purposes. Local cannot add on.