In Valdosta, ball machines are few & far between. Furthermore, no club nor school has high-end machines on hand. Fission Volleyball just acquired the coveted AirCat machine & the Total Attack Ball Shooter. These two machines are the best of the best when it comes to training aid. As you will see in our practices/camps, machines completely change the dynamics & speed of reps. When it comes to competing at a high level, you are at a significant disadvantage when you do not train with a shooter. Our response is simple: we bought elite machines for elite teams. Practices limited by a coach’s ability is no longer the standard. Come see how great your daughter could be by training with these consistent machines.

In Practice

To be specific, the Total Attack Ball Shooter is a three-wheel, hand loaded, 90mph shooting beast. This machine can hit on the net, serve top spin, serve floats, set, free ball & do all of that at 90mph if needed. This high-end level of speed & maneuverability will make your daughter play at a professional level. This machine is used for men’s pro teams. Click the link to see more.

The AirCat is an air-powered practice buddy that works remotely. This machine can be pre-loaded with nine balls, & shoot with a remote, so coaches can coach, not hit or throw balls during practice. That alone has led to suboptimal coaching in this town because coaches cannot coach, they play. The AirCat has perfectly consistent sets, great float serves, & perfect free balls. It is also battery-powered for maximum portability. Click the link to see more.