A club is only as good as its facility. Here at Fission, we have developed a great relationship with the VSU Rec Center & secured great courts, meeting rooms, & weight room. When building elite teams, it is more than just practices per week. Making strong & athletic girls is as important as volleyball skills. At the Rec Center, we can build well-rounded athletes year-round.

The Details.     

The courts at the Rec are very spacious, have good nets, & sit atop a classic hardwood floor. Parents have room to sit, girls have room to do drills off the court, & there is even room for the younger siblings to play. This is a true multifunctional facility.

The second floor of the Rec Center is the weight room. We have negotiated certain time slots & areas of the weight room to be used exclusively for Fission Volleyball girls. This is a high-end gym with a track to meet any & every need of the athlete.

Those schedules will vary by team. We also have quiet areas to have player meetings, parent meetings, or for the girls to have a study hall. This facility has it all.